Time definitely seems to accelerate as you get older. It seems like only yesterday that Alicia and I moved back to Nova Scotia with two babies in tow.

... but it wasn't yesterday. It was 2011.

Shortly after our move, we bought an awesome playset for the kids. All cedar and a thing of beauty... behold!

However, time wasn't friendly to this beautiful playset and it's been looking pretty tired over the last couple of years. As the kids have grown, they've also become less interested.

So what to do? We debated selling it but I wasn't sure what its residual value was and the thought of disassembly and transportation sounded onerous. We were also conscious of the fact that we have a lot of positive memories of our kiddos playing on this thing... so the thought of integrating some key components into our Treehouse came up.

We decided to pursue this idea and the first wave of components have made their way into the woods. Namely, a "new" entrance ladder, new railings, and the primary slide! Here are some pictures...

We're pleased with how things are coming together. These railings are definitely more secure than what was installed before. The next step is to get the help of my father to cut a hole for and install the yellow "bubble" on the backside of the treehouse. This will be a big improvement as it will bring natural light inside.

Always tinkering...

UPDATE: I forgot to cover what we did with the swing set. Emma still enjoys having a swing from time to time, so with my father's help... we moved that to under the new deck!

Kirk out.

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